Colombia   Perú   Ecuador   Bolivia   Chile   Argentina   Costa Rica   Guatemala   Panamá   México   R. Dominicana   Cuba

         Tanzania   Botswana   Kenia   Namibia   Egipto   Turquía   Grecia   España   Italia   Rumanía   Nueva Zelanda   Australia

               India   Nepal   Buthan   Tibet   Sri Lanka   Maldivas   Vietnam   Camboya   Laos   Birmania   Filipinas   Indonesia


The world has more to discover than we can imagine. There are still places that man has not reached, or that for scientific, naturalistic reasons or because of the risks that this entailed, makes or made it impossible to reach them. Many of these places were limited to the knowledge of the locals, who faithfully kept their great secret.

Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Mongolia, Spain, Bali, Alaska, Canada, the immense Africa, India, Bhutan, Cambodia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Polynesia ... and a long etcetera, they still have reason to excite us.

We invite you to discover all these places, we have already reached all of them, now it is your turn.

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