About Us

« It's good to have an end to which to travel,

but it's the journey that matters, ultimately ».



            My name is Jose Antonio Chenique, Madrid (Spain, 1970), traveler, explorer and founder of eviajes.


            When we talk about travel, we always think about exciting people, generating unforgettable and unrepeatable experiences that remain in our memories forever. It is not only meeting the expectations of our travelers, but exceeding them, making them return different and with what they have learned.


“I'm always doing what I can't do so I can learn how to do it”


            The trip begins from the moment we are organizing it and we create an expectation of everything we are going to know.


            We hope that navigating our destinations is as exciting and inspiring as living them and that they become life experiences.


I have read poems and listened to songs, I remember each

day when trees lose their leaves each year but remain in

standing waiting for better times and that, I think is the real one

secret to make dreams come true


            We are a company that reinvents itself, insists, adds pages... but always leaves one blank, always. That we always put enough energy to transmit it on each trip and become emotional.


            Why travel with us? Due to the experience of having traveled and toured a good part of the planet for years, therefore forming the bases so that your travel experience is as you expect or even better, and therefore everlasting.


             We are Tour Operator & DMC in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic. And with our allies in the rest of the world, such as Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Europe, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bali, China, Philippines, Japan, USA, Canada, etc.


Welcome to your next trip, "You choose the destination, we set the course."


Jose Antonio Chenique
Manager & CEO
Technology Manager, CIO


Etxenike Viajes y Turismo

Tour Operador & DMC

Agencias de Viajes


The company has all the permits and licenses to operate safely and legally: RNT No. 48622 (National Tourism Registry), Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and RUT (Single Tax Registry) No. 900663098-0.


We are committed to complying with Law 679 of 2001 on the prevention of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and other forms of sexual exploitation with children and adolescents. "THE EXPLOITATION AND SEXUAL ABUSE OF MINORS IS PUNISHED WITH A PENALTY DEPRIVING FREEDOM, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF LAW 679 OF 2001."