eViajes.co (Etxenike Viajes y Turismo, Etxenike Importa SAS) with RNT No. 48622 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, is fully responsible for the products and quality of the services described in its programs, in accordance with the provisions of Law 300 of 1996, Decree 1075/97 and Liability Clause on Decree 2438/2010; and the norms that modify, add or reform them.

eViajes.co (Etxenike Viajes y Turismo, Etxenike Importa S.A.S.) does not assume any responsibility towards users for the air transport service, except in the case of a chartered flight and in accordance with the transport conditions.

We are committed to complying with Law 679 of 2001 on the prevention of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and other forms of sexual exploitation with children and adolescents.



* The prices can vary without notice. Rates subject to change and availability.

* Prices subject to the variation of the exchange rate or TRM (Dollar, Euro), if the valuation of the travel plan is in said currencies.

* The prices of air tickets are subject to variation at the time of issue. If there were no places in the cheapest class, it would be verified in a higher class, upon payment of the fare difference.

* Air tickets are not refundable, nor endorsable, nor do they allow any change; Unless specified rate. Subject to airline policies. With the current situation of Covid-19, the airlines are not applying a penalty, but they are applying a fare difference. It is advisable to be well informed about the conditions of the air ticket and what each rate includes.

* Train tickets are not refundable, nor endorsable, nor do they allow any change; Unless specified rate. Subject to railway company policies.

* Hotels: conditions subject to the modification or cancellation policies of each hotel. Non-refundable rates will be specified as such and may not undergo any change, or the right to return.

* We are not responsible for cancellations or delays in flight schedules. However, we will always be very attentive, to be able to find a solution or alternative.

* If an itinerary cannot be carried out due to force majeure or other circumstances, an alternative will be sought, which will be communicated and agreed with the client, in order to always guarantee their satisfaction.

* If you cannot access part of the meal plan contracted due to the late arrival or early departure of your flight, the hotel is not obliged to offer it, since they have operating hours. However, you can check on arrival at reception if there is a possibility that they offer you any option.

* The purchase of a product always implies acceptance of the policies of the airlines, hotels and other suppliers. We are mere intermediaries, but we are always there to defend the interest of our clients.

* Some programs may increase their price, by bank fee, between 2% and 5%. It would communicate if so.

* VISAS: it is the passenger's responsibility to carry their documentation in order, passport, visas and other requirements that the immigration authorities of each country may require depending on their nationality. Check in your country of origin before traveling the visas or entry requirements to the places where you are going to travel. If you do not take these requirements into account before traveling, you will not be entitled to any refund of travel money, reservation or promotional package previously contracted.

* Right of withdrawal.

The acquirer and / or passenger has the right to retract the purchase when it has been made by non-traditional or remote means (non-face-to-face purchases: call center, app and website).

The withdrawal must be exercised within 48 hours after the purchase of the ticket or air ticket. Subject to the policy of each airline.

The withdrawal can only be exercised when the flight is NOT within the next five (5) days from the date of purchase and while the flight has not been made. Subject to the policy of each airline.

The administrative fee and the fees, taxes or contributions that by regulation are not refundable are excluded from the value to be reimbursed; if such refund applies. Subject to the policy of each airline and / or hotel.

If the amount to be returned applies and the purchase was made in USD or Euros, the exchange rate (TRM) on the date of purchase will be taken into account.

* Right of withdrawal. All our airfares are promotional, registered as such with the Civil Aeronautics of Colombia, for this reason, the withdrawal does not apply.

* The passenger is not exempt from paying a penalty to the travel agency, in case of canceling or not continuing with his trip, for management expenses that consists of 10% of the total.


GENERAL POLICY. eViajes.co | Etxenike Viajes y Turismo con Nit 900663098-0, Travel and Tourism Agency, with national tourism registry number 48622 issued by the Ministry of Development, complies with the NTS of Sustainable Tourism informing:

* Preservation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, and protection of the environment. D.L. 2811 - 1974.
* The commitment to banning wildlife species. D.L. 1608-1978.
* Protect, conserve the culture, nature and heritage of the nation. Art 8 Const. - 1991 / L. 397 - 1997 / L. 1185 -2008.
* In compliance with the General Environmental Law of Colombia. L 99 - 1993.
* Applying the General Law of Negritudes. L 70 - 1993.
* We abide by the General Law of Tourism and modifications. L. 300 - 1996 / L. 1101 - 2006 / L. 1558 - 2012.
* We implement the Code of Conduct according to Law 679 - 2001 / L. 1329 - 2009 / L. 1336 of 2009 / Res. 3840 -2009.
* We are committed to the Nature Tourism Policy.

"The exploitation, pornography and sexual abuse of minors is criminally and administratively sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Law 679 of 2001 and additions L. 1336 of 2009".